Toronto Media Arts Centre champions comic book representation

Every month, comic book artists excitedly discussed their work with each other in the middle of the busy Toronto Media Arts Centre venue, grateful for a safe space to showcase their work and make new connections. The Toronto Media Arts Centre hosts speaker socials and art and game jams to unleash the talents of LGBTQ+ Torontonians.

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Humber celebrates pride month, raises Trans and Pride flags

Humber College raised Trans and Pride flags at Lakeshore campus today. It was followed by a ‘Display Your Pride’ reception where various artists from the trans community performed.

“Toronto is globally recognized for its unmatched support in both the Pride Parade and the events that surround it,” said Lori A. Diduch, Vice President of Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness. “At Humber College, we pride ourselves in providing a place for our community of our students, staff and faculty to live, work and play in an atmosphere of equity, diversity and inclusion.”

Pride Month in Toronto has been underway for almost three weeks. Humber College will also be participating in the Pride Parade on Sunday, June 24, in Toronto to express their support to the Trans community.

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