Jnal5504 Capstone 2023

Independent study projects by students in Humber College’s post-graduate Journalism program.

Indian Supreme Court reviewing arguments in queer marriage equality case

Shraddha Bhojane

Shraddha Bhojane delves into the landmark marriage equality case in the Indian Supreme Court, where 52 petitioners are challenging the historic ban on marriage equality. The court’s verdict has the potential to reshape India’s societal norms and reflect the growing global recognition of LGBTQ+ rights.

Greater Toronto’s housing affordability crisis plagues students, renters

Nicole Fernandes

As the Greater Toronto Area continues to attract students and professionals, the escalating demand for housing has led to skyrocketing costs and limited options, Nicole Fernandes explores the housing crisis gripping the GTA and its impact on students and renters.

The truth behind industrial logging in Canada

Rheegan Goodale

Human intervention in forests creates a weighty carbon footprint, yet it’s still an issue being largely ignored by the government. Rheegan Goodale sits down with experts to dive into the truths and realities behind logging in Canada… how a lack of government transparency misleads the public, and how the industry impacts our climate, communities, and ecosystems.

Intimate partner violence in LGBTQ+ relationships

Muhammad Hamza

 The story is about domestic violence in the LGBTQ community and the challenges the victim faces after facing intimate partner violence. Also, the factors involved in LGBTQ relations that cause intimate partner violence And what educational institutions, police, and other stakeholder groups should do to tackle IPV.


Maria Kestane

In her three-part investigative podcast series, host Maria Kestane dives into the world of solitary confinement. We hear from psychologists and policy experts on how Canada’s new Structured Intervention Units have all the bells and whistles to look promising but might not be making enough of a difference to transform the criminal justice system.

Women’s perspectives on fear, anxiety with hormonal contraceptives

Heta Khakhar

Heta Khakhar delves into the anxiety and apprehension surrounding hormonal contraceptives as she engages in conversations with women to gain insights into their viewpoints. Additionally, she discusses a recent University of Oxford study probing potential connections to breast cancer risk.

Gender bias in autism diagnosis leaves girls, women struggling for answers

Dong Yi Melody Lam 

Autistic girls and women face multiple barriers in the diagnostic process. Many spend most of their lives knowing they are different, but not knowing why. Melody Lam tells the stories of two autistic women who grew up without a diagnosis. 

‘I love them so much’: Drag artist calls for society to get behind LGBTQ+ community against hate

Philip Lau

Philip Lau explores in his story the apparent rise in anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment in Canada. He interviewed a drag artist and a protestor from the other side of the political spectrum. The story also includes the opinion from a political science expert and a lawyer who has followed anti-LGBTQ+ protests, both arguing the issue is not as black-and-white as people may think.

Little Jamaica faces consequences of gentrification

Maegan Lee

The Little Jamaica community is facing the effects of gentrification. After seeing the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic and Eglinton Crosstown LRT construction had, residents and businesses are now worried about the new development proposals that threaten their neighbourhood.

Advocates say Canada should open borders to climate refugees amid growing crisis

Sajel Mistry

Canada plans to welcome 1.5 million migrants by 2025. Sajel Mistry speaks to advocates about Canada’s role in aiding climate refugees. There is now the opportunity for Canada to create safe pathways for climate-induced people around the world.

Blockchain, a slow disruption for the film industry

Antonio Pelaez Barcelo

Blockchain technology provides security and traceability to cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. It could do the same and help secure funding, distribution and new markets for the film industry.

Universal basic income could be a way out of poverty for millions of Canadians

Andrea Pozo 

Universal basic income (UBI) has been a contentious topic amongst Canadian lawmakers for some time. In Ontario alone, there have been several attempts at experimenting with the system. Although these experiments have had a fair amount of success, UBI is still presented as a fringe idea to reduce poverty and food insecurity. 

​‘They achieve nothing for people’: tenants challenge condo developments

Tyreike Reid

In this story, Tyreike Reid explores the many ways condos have become an integral part of Toronto’s identity. In doing so, he finds that the developments have lead to an increase in demovictions during an affordability crisis. This project addresses the  ways condos are taking up space, and removing communities and opportunities to build affordable housing.

Navigating cultural identity, generational trauma among children of Afghan diaspora

Asma Sahebzada

Asma Sahebzada searches for the voices of the underrepresented children of the Afghan diaspora to dive deeper into the obstacles they face related to cultural identity and generational trauma. The community is tied through their hardships, however, they want to change this narrative by embracing their heritage through connecting with other members of the Afghan diaspora

Death of Kapilan Palasanthiran brought change in Toronto’s Tamil community

Sabrina M. Soosaimuthu

Sabrina Soosaimuthu documents the development of the Canadian Tamil Youth Development Centre (CanTYD) located in Scarborough, Ontario. Her piece outlines the influx of Tamil immigration to Canada in the ’80s and the early struggles of youth violence in the Tamil community in Toronto during the ’90s and early 2000s. She interviews the founders and early volunteers, staff and youth of CanTYD to understand the positive impact CanTYD has had on providing helpful resources to Tamil youth. 

The fight on Bill 21

Jeanine Tajeddine

This three-episode podcast focuses on Quebec’s recent legislation, Bill 21, which centers around the province’s aim for secularism by restricting religious symbols in certain public sector roles. The podcast provides insights into the historical context of Quebec’s secular perspective and offers in-depth conversations with residents holding diverse viewpoints on the bill.

‘Civilization extinction’: an update on the science of nuclear winter

James L. Westman

The scientific theory of nuclear winter was first discovered in the 1980s and the climate modelling studying the concept has only improved since. The latest peer-reviewed papers paint a grim picture, but speaking with experts illustrates an even greater danger to civilization. They detail how nuclear winter remains one of the gravest threats to humanity.

Unknowns, controversy remain nearly five years after cannabis became legal in Canada

John Wong

A lengthy story that explains the trade-offs and unknowns after nearly five years of cannabis being legalized in Canada and to understand what different stakeholders think about how the Cannabis Act should be changed in the ongoing legislative review.