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Ontario colleges push for government co-operation News

Ontario's colleges are pushing for the provincial government to work alongside educators and businesses to address the shortage of information regarding the career market to students.

By Chelsea Howard Ontario colleges are pushing the provincial government to work with educators and businesses to help improve youth unemployment. One of the college sector’s main priorities is to address the shortage of information about career trends in the labour market. “Knowing more about the labour market gives the students more knowledge so they

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Why young athletes are walking away from millions Life,Sports

Over the past week, numerous young, healthy men walked away from a lavish life of million-dollar salaries and international recognition.
They are professional football players who have prioritized their futures ahead of their passion…

Tuition rebate deadline extended, many students still left out News

By Brandon Humber The deadline to apply for the Ontario 30 per cent tuition rebate has been extended to March 1 in an attempt to allow more students to apply, but many are still being overlooked. Executive director of the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance Rylan Kinnon said although the government has been cooperative, and has

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