New scholarship for Ukrainian students announced

Nov 11, 2022 | Campus News, GTA News, News

Humber College is among Ontario’s post-secondary schools involved with the $1.9 million Ontario-Ukraine Solidarity Scholarship.

The scholarship is awarded to four students at each college or university and the criteria is based on merit and financial need.

“Humber is pleased to announce that we will be collecting applications for the Ontario-Ukraine Solidarity Scholarship starting on Nov. 28,” said Andrew Ness, the dean of the International Centre at Humber College.

The scholarship is funded by the Ontario government which provided $40,000 in scholarships for each post-graduate educational institution. The required condition — choosing four students per school to receive a $10,000 scholarship.

Kateryna Liutovych, a Ukrainian student studying in the Addictions and Mental Health at Humber College, felt relief hearing that Ukrainians can apply for this scholarship.

“I think it is a great opportunity for four Ukrainian students to cover at least one semester of studying,” she said. “I will be very happy to hear that a couple of us don’t need to worry about tuition fees.”

Ness said the awarding of these scholarships is competitive.

“The challenge is we have close to 200 Ukrainian students so we’re expecting a number of applications,” he said.

Oksy Seredenko, an international student from Ukraine in the Acting for Film and Television program at Humber College, told Et Cetera the Ontario-Ukraine Solidarity Scholarship is “a tremendous opportunity.”

Oksy Seredenko standing behind flowers and smiling in the camera.

Oksy Seredenko, a Humber student

But knowing that there will be only four students to get scholarships, “it would undoubtedly not satisfy everyone,” Seredenko said.

“It can only be done case by case needs,” she said. “With the crumbling of daily lives, business, the structure of life, and general income, it became hard to keep up with essential expenses here let alone the tuition fees.”

Liutovych said a scholarship for those who need it the most will be able to cover many expenses.

“On the other hand, the scholarship given to more than four students would be a bigger chance to get help for me and my friends,” she said.

“Many of us have to pay tuition fees on our own,” Liutovych said.

Ness told Et Cetera that successful candidates must be in good academic standing, demonstrate financial need, and provide information about how the war in Ukraine has directly impacted them.

“It’s a mix of grade and self-identifying need,” he said.

The main criteria and instructions to apply will be sent to students through emails at the end of November. The deadline to apply for these scholarships is Dec. 18.

Ness said Ukrainian students will receive another round of bursary funds for the winter 2023 term.

“Applications for the bursaries will be available on the financial aid website at the start of the winter term,” he said.

Although, Seredenko said that she’s “thankful and grateful” for each opportunity that Humber gives to support Ukrainian students, she also spoke about her concerns regarding tuition fees.

“The inability to return and visit my family back in Ukraine has automatically made Canada my permanent home, yet I’m still considered as an ‘oversees’ student,” she said.