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Bell Media falls short on mandatory cable package Business,News

Cheyenne Lynch Consumers are being warned to do their homework before considering the new price-conscious cable packages from Canada’s leading service providers that will be available starting tomorrow. The companies must now provide an entry-level package that cost $25 or less per month. These packages must include the CRTC’s mandatory channels such as CBC and

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Diversity in Hollywood: crunching the numbers Arts & Entertainment,Lifestyle,News

Hayley Michaud The backlash stemming from the nominees for this year’s Academy Awards prompted a University of Southern California study looking into the diversity in Hollywood. When the nominees were announced late last year – with no non white actors or directors on the list – it prompted the trending topic  #OscarsSoWhite. The USC Annenberg School’s

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CRTC approves pick-and-pay Business,News

By: Ryan Poirier Television consumers will soon be able to pick and pay for the individual channels that they want. The new formula issued by the Canadian broadcast regulator (CRTC) requires cable and satellite companies to have both a pick-and-pay option and a small, more reasonable television package for its customers by December 2016. By

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