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Tehran terror attacks not easily rationalized International,News,Politics

The motivations and messages of today’s ISIS attack on the Iranian capital are political and religious, an expert says. The assault on the national parliament building and the tomb of Ayatollah Khomeini took the lives of 12 people and injured at least 42 others, and closely follows Saturday’s attack in London. It is also the most recent of a series perpetrated during Ramadan.

ISIS : A Brief History Crime,International,News

The Islamic State of Iraq and Sham has claimed responsibility for Wednesday’s attack in London, England.

The attack left four people dead after the assailant drove along the sidewalk of a bridge and stabbed a police officer. The attacker was shot dead.

This comes months after ISIS announced that 2017 would be “a year of massacre” at the end of last year.

With ISIS constantly making headlines, their activity can be hard to track. Some people are often confused as to how they were established in the first place.

Consult the infographic below for a brief history.

Canada to cease air strikes against ISIS by Feb. 22 News

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed Monday that Canada will cease air strikes against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria by Feb. 22. Instead, Canada will contribute $840 million in humanitarian assistance over the next three years, and another $270 million for increased education and medical care in Jordan and Lebanon, said Trudeau. “It is

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