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Mexico City digs out from earthquake as death toll continues to rise International,News

By: Omar Jaber Thousands of people in Mexico City are now homeless after Tuesday’s deadly earthquake that killed more than 200 people. The tremor turned buildings to rubble and left the ones still standing on the brink of collapse. For locals, the whole ordeal has left them frightened for their safety as well as their communities. “Things are really bad

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New Zealand quakes: Canada’s fault lines International,News,Uncategorized

By: Chris Besik As New Zealand recovers from a cluster of powerful earthquakes and after-shocks, earthquake experts in Canada say this country could be rocked by similar quakes on our West Coast. “People in Vancouver have chosen to live there, so they’re going to get an earthquake every 100 years or so and in California the same,”

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Teenage boy rescued in Nepal 5 days after earthquake International,News

  By: Alejandra Fretes A 15-year-old boy was found alive in Kathmandu under collapsed rubble of a seven-story building five days after the earthquake. Pemba Lama said he survived by eating clarified butter and drinking water from wet clothing. The 7.8-magnitutde earthquake shook Nepal on Saturday April 25, leaving much of the country in ruins

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