Liberal Julie Dabrusin defeats NDP challenge in Toronto-Danforth

Published On October 21, 2019 | By Alison Gallagher | Federal Election 2019, News

Min Sook Lee’s campaign party.

Alison Gallagher

Incumbent Liberal MP Julie Dabrusin has kept her seat in Toronto-Danforth, staving off a strong challenge from NDP candidate Min Sook Lee.

With 183 of 200 polls reporting, Dabrusin garnered 24,103 votes against Lee’s 16,695 votes, a lead of 7,408 votes.

Dabrusin’s reelection was part of a Liberal red wave that swept over the entire city of Toronto, although federally the party was reduced to a minority government.

Toronto-Danforth, which was won by the Liberals in a surprise move in 2015, was a much closer race this time around between the Liberals and the NDP.

The riding is bounded by the Don Valley on the west and the north, Lake Ontario to the south, and Coxwell Avenue to the east.

According to the 2016 census,106,875 people live in the riding, the vast majority of which speak english.

The candidates in this election were:

  • Elizabeth Abbott, Animal Protection Party
  • Ivan Byard, Communist Party
  • Zia Choudhary, Conservative
  • Julie Dabrusin, Liberal
  • Tara Dos Remedios, People’s Party of Canada
  • John Kladitis, Independent
  • Min Sook Lee, New Democratic Party
  • Chris Tolley, Green Party

The riding had been a high profile one for many years when it was held by former NDP leader Jack Layton.


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