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Trump’s win: Did media, pollsters get it wrong? News,Politics

By: David Tuchman “How were we so wrong?” In the aftermath of Tuesday’s historic U.S election, pollsters and journalists alike have been forced to ask themselves that very hard question. “It’s data like others,” said Paul Adams, an Associate Journalism Professor at Carleton University. “But it needs to be evaluated carefully to its likelihood of being

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2016 U.S. Election: Live updates Features,International,Politics

By: Brandon-Richard Austin and Chris Besik Results 2:43 a.m. Donald Trump has taken the electoral majority vote. He currently holds 276 votes while Clinton has just 218. Donald Trump is the president-elect of the United States. Electoral Seats (270 wins the presidency) Hillary Clinton: 218 Donald Trump: 279 1:45 a.m. Donald Trump has taken the state of

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U.S. election could be affected by Canadian residents News

US Election

With the U.S. presidential race headed for a photo finish, absentee ballots and voting abroad has never been more important – meaning Americans living in Canada may decide the next president of the United States. By Elton Hobson On Tuesday, Americans will head to the polls to decide who the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

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Mitt Romney: How his campaign unfolded News

By Sarah Rix Republican Mitt Romney and Democrat Barack Obama are in the homestretch of an intense presidential campaign. The Nov. 6 vote will determine whether Obama will win a second term in office or if Romney will become the 45th United States president. In a volatile American political climate with issues ranging from national debt,

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Romney, Obama in most expensive U.S. election yet News

By Sarah Rix U.S. President Barack Obama faces Mitt Romney on Tuesday night in the second of three presidential debates. Both their political parties are making final decisions on where to direct resources as the campaign enters the home stretch. The Nov. 6 election is one that brings in hundreds of millions of dollars in

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