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UK Parliament must vote on Brexit negotiations, court rules International,News,Politics

By: David Tuchman The English High Court on Thursday ruled that Parliament must vote on whether the UK can begin the process of breaking apart from the EU. This means the British government on its own cannot trigger formal exit negotiations with the EU (also called article 50 of the Libson treaty) without the consent

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Belgian government agrees to support Canada, EU trade deal International,News,Politics

The Belgian government reached an agreement Thursday to support the free trade deal, called CETA, between the European Union and Canada following seven years of negotiations. The Canadian government expressed its support to see a deal reached but was also quick to point out that a lot of work still needs to be done. “This is a

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Humber News Express, Nov. 29 News,Politics

[youtube id=”1KEPjsdwIK8″ width=”620″ height=”360″] Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada plans to hire private investigators to find alleged residential school abusers. Randall Hopley, a convicted child abductor, might be labelled a high risk to reoffend. A plea has been entered in a Vancouver courtroom in the “Surrey Six trial”. Ukraine has halted negotiations for a

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