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The 2014 election was the 41st for Ontario and saw the Liberals storming their way from a minority to a majority government, allowing Kathleen Wynne to continue her reign as premier in the province. The Liberal victory was the fourth consecutive win since Dalton McGuinty took office in 2003. McGuinty, who stepped down as party leader in 2013 following the controversy surrounding the gas plant scandal, was replaced by Kathleen Wynne – making her the first woman and open member of the LGBT community to serve as premier. Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak resigned from the party after succumbing to defeat for the second time under his leadership. The PCs were leading the polls and were projected to win the election until Tim Hudak released his plan to cut 100,000 public service jobs which ultimately halted the party’s momentum and cost Hudak his victory. After his resignation, Hudak was replaced by interim leader Jim Wilson who served as leader of the opposition until 2015 when Patrick Brown was elected to head the party. Despite finishing third behind the Liberals and the PCs, Andrea Horwath – who is the first woman to lead the NDP – was able to win more seats and gain an improved share of the popular vote in 2014 compared to the party’s performance in the 2011 election.


The Liberals commanding victory in 2014 achieved a total of 58 seats, 28 for the Progressive Conservatives and 21 for the NDP. The Liberal party took 38.6 per cent of the popular vote compared to 31.3 per cent for the PCs and 23.8 per cent for the NDP.

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Since 2014, Kathleen Wynne’s leadership as premier has been divisive for Ontarians as high hydro rates and the province’s growing debt continue to be at the forefront of conversation surrounding the Liberal leader. Despite implementing free tuition for some postsecondary students, achieving low unemployment rates, implementing rent control, and an increase in minimum wage, Wynne has still been plagued by the shadow of her predecessor Dalton McGuinty and the party’s involvement in the gas plant scandal. PC leader Patrick Brown fueled the fire by falsely accusing Wynne of being on trial for bribery at the end of 2017, which resulted in the premier filing a defamation lawsuit against her political rival. However, in January 2018, Brown was met with controversy of his own when he was accused by two women of sexual misconduct during the time he served as a federal MP. Although he denied the allegations, Brown resigned as PC leader and two months later Doug Ford was elected the new leader of the Progressive Conservatives. With the Liberals approval rating falling across the province, Doug Ford’s populist mantra put the PCs in first place in the polls. But as it was in 2014, the PCs campaign momentum began to slip as Andrea Horwath of the NDP made unexpected gains in the polls, placing the two parties neck and neck. Horwath has been campaigning aggressively in an attempt to swing ridings from red to orange with a similar platform to the Wynne Liberals, After Wynne surprisingly conceded defeat in an unprecedented move on June 2, the election has become a two-party race, leaving Liberal-held ridings in a precarious state ahead of the June 7 election.

Hamilton Centre
Provincial NDP leader Andrea Horwath is seeking reelection in the Hamilton Centre riding. The riding is an NDP stronghold, electing Horwath in the last two provincial elections. PC candidate Dionne Duncan, Jason Lopez of the Greens and Deirdre Pike of the Liberals are hoping to win the seat.

Creators: Michael Furtado & Damian Ali

Brampton East
This new riding has received a lot of attention, with Gurratan Singh, brother of federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, as the NDP candidate and Liberal Parminder Singh, the founder of Hockey Night in Canada in Punjabi. The PCs were forced to make a last-minute switch when candidate Simmer Sandhu was faced with allegations of data breaching at the 407 ETR, and was replaced with Sudeep Verma. Gurratan Singh has been criticized after a photo emerged during the campaign of a protest sign reading “F— the Police” that he carried during a demonstration in 2006. Raquel Fronte of the Greens is also vying for a seat.

Creators: Steve MacInnis & Aditya Krishnan

Mississauga Lakeshore
This new riding was created in 2015, one year after the last provincial election. Ontario’s Minister of Finance Charles Sousa is the Liberal candidate. Rudy Cuzzetto is vying for the seat for the PC Party, as well as Lloyd Jones from the Green Party and Boris Rosolak of the NDP. While the two previous ridings that make up Mississauga Lakeshore, being Mississauga South and Mississauga-Erindale, voted Liberal by a large margin, the results of this election will be a look into voter satisfaction concerning the party.

Creators: Michael Furtado & Damian Ali

York - Simcoe
A riding that has been blue provincially since its inception in 2007, York-Simcoe is considered a safe seat for Caroline Mulroney, the Tories’ star candidate. Mulroney, who ran for PC party leadership earlier this year, is going up against the Liberals’ Loralea Carruthers, the NDP’s Dave Szollosy and Green Party candidate Alexandra S. Zalucky.


Creator: Bobby Mihalik

Etobicoke North
With Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford as the PC candidate, Etobicoke North is the heart of Ford Nation. Liberal since 2003, Dr. Shafiq Qaadri is seeking re-election, and has recently received criticism for crashing an NDP press conference in Toronto. Also vying for the seat is Mahamud Amin of the NDP and Nancy Kaur Ghuman of the Green Party.

Creators: Steve MacInnis & Aditya Krishnan

Christine Elliott, who vied for the PC leadership earlier this year, is running for a seat in Newmarket-Aurora. The riding used to be a Tory stronghold, but was held by the Liberals after the 2014 provincial election. Also running in this riding is Environment Minister Chris Ballard for the Liberals , Michelle Bourdeau for the Greens and Melissa Williams for the NDP.

Creators: Amy Chen & Steve MacInnis

Thornhill has voted blue four out of five elections since the riding’s creation in 1996, but only by a small margin. The 2014 provincial election saw PC candidate Gila Martow win by only 106 votes over the Liberals. Martow is seeking re-election for the Tories, while Sabi Ahsan of the Liberals, Rachel Dokhoian of the Greens and Ezra Tanen of the NDP are running for the seat.


Creator: Christina Zisko

Parkdale-High Park
The last provincial election saw NDP MPP Cheri Di Novo win by a hair over Nancy Leblanc of the Liberals. Bhutila Karpoche is this year’s NDP candidate, after Di Novo announced she would not be seeking re-election. Nadia Guerrera of the Liberals, Adam Pham of the PCs and Halyna Zalucky of the Green Party are also running for the seat.


Creator: Mikal Aranha

Don Valley West
It is well known that the Liberals are falling behind in the polls, which means there is a chance that current premier Kathleen Wynne could lose her seat in Don Valley West. The Green Party’s Morgan Bailey, PC Jon Kieran and NDP Amara Possian are hoping to take advantage of the fact that criticism of the new sex-ed curriculum and multiple Liberal protests have occurred in this riding.

Creators: Amy Chen

University Rosedale
This new riding was created in 2015 from parts of Trinity-Spadina and Toronto Centre, both of which are currently held by Liberals. Before the 2014 election, Trinity-Spadina’s seat belonged to the New Democrats for 15 years. In contrast, Toronto Centre has always been held by the Liberals. With the Liberals losing support, the NDP just might come out on top. Jessica Bell of the NDP, Jo-Ann Davis of the Liberals, Green Party candidate Tim Grant and PC Gillian Smith are seeking hold of the riding.


Creator: Catherine Koshy

Toronto Centre
Toronto Centre is historically a Liberal riding, with the Liberals winning 58 per cent of the vote in 2014. Since former cabinet minister Glen Murray announced his retirement in 2017 this seat has been vacant. Vying for the position is PC Meredith Cartwright, NDP candidate Suze Morrison, Liberal David Morris and Adam Sommerfeld of the Green Party.


Creator: Chanel Sethi

Don Valley East
A Liberal riding since 1999, Don Valley East may see a change with the introduction of PC candidate Denzil Minnan-Wong, who has been Toronto’s deputy mayor as well as a city councillor for over 20 years. Michael Coteau of the Liberals is seeking re-election, and the NDP’s Khalid Ahmed and Mark Wong of the Green Party are also running.


Creator: Tillana Desai

Beaches East York
The New Democrats occupied the Beaches-East York seat from the riding’s inception until the 2014 provincial election, when Liberal Arthur Potts was elected. A mere 481 votes shifted the riding from orange to red. Candidate Rima Berns-McGown is running to get the seat back to the New Democratic Party. Progressive Conservartive Sarah Mallo and Debra Scott of the Green Party are also vying for the seat, while Potts is seeking re-election.


Creator: Bobby Mihalik

The Scarborough Southwest riding has been held by Liberal Lorenzo Berardinetti for the last 15 years. With Liberal support plummeting in the polls, the New Democrats have been picking up steam in this area. The PCs are not far behind, which means this riding is one to watch on election night. Berardinetti is seeking re-election, while NDP Doly Begum, PC Gary Ellis and the Green Party’s David Del Grande are looking to end the 15-year Liberal stronghold.


Creator: Ryan Brockerville

This riding is home to Mitzie Hunter, a Liberal candidate and cabinet minister, who earned a full 50 per cent of the vote in 2014, and is seeking re-election. Roshan Nallaratnam of the PCs, Tom Packwood of the NDP and Linda Rice for the Greens are also running for the seat.


Creator: Steve MacInnis
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Results of the Ontario Election 2018.
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