How high tea helps women become entrepreneurs

May 29, 2024 | Biz/Tech, News

Minerva Maharajh has made helping women become entrepreneurs her goal since 2016. This goal comes to life with events she hosts, her most recent one was a sip and manifest high tea.

This three-hour event was hosted in Kaz’s Tea Room. The soiree in Ajax, Ont., included a variety of teas, scones with jams, and, cream spreads, and then it came out with a three-tier platter with sandwiches and desserts, that included sweet and savoury options.

She mainly does bi-weekly networking at a cafe and likes to change things up, hence the high tea event.

“How could I do that in an in-person space and have an experience that’s not just let’s sit down and talk about your business, but also have a unique experience?” Maharajh asked.

“As a coach, I do live retreats, like transformational spiritual retreats,” Maharajh said.

She traditionally offers a brunch or dinner event but wanted to create a unique experience for these women to feel good.

Maharajn’s typical audience is women ages 30 to 40 who are typically in child work, life coaching, yoga, and teaching.

“They have some healing background or they’re into healing work, or they’ve been supported through the healing modalities and they’re just getting in touch with themselves and their passion and what’s in their hearts, and they want to do something that helps and heals and makes a difference,” Maharajh said.

The coach previously was in film and TV, dancing for The Raptors until 2016 when she went on a soul-searching journey. She began to follow the signs she said the universe gave her, leading her to coach with meditation and changing people’s lives by touching their spirituality.

Maharajh wants people to know that paths to success are unique to individuals and their desires.

“I personally didn’t finish university, but I was left with university debt just because I was just pushing and doing, because that’s what other people said and my parents said to do, that’s not for everybody,” she said. She doesn’t encourage anyone to quit school but urges people to listen to and follow their true desires.

“And when you truly listen to your heart and your soul and what you’re here to do, if you can silence all the noise, parents, teachers, society, media, you know, the standard,” Maharajh said.