ANALYSIS: Raptors stopped its slip toward an inauspicious record

Apr 5, 2024 | Sports

The Toronto Raptors ended its 15-game losing streak against the Milwaukee Bucks on April 5. It’s a brief respite from a terrible streak — and not-so-great season — but it nevertheless has fans wondering if there’s another item on the team’s agenda as the season nears its end.

The 48-point loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves on April 3 was the largest differential in Raptors franchise history, and the team looked like it was edging towards breaking a record.

In the 1997-98 season, the longest Raptors’ losing streak was 17 and the cliff’s edge was nearing, but the depleted bench rallied to score 117 to Milwaukee’s 111.

The team had its fair share of injuries with key players out of the starting lineup for a while now, especially all-star player Scottie Barnes, who suffered a broken metacarpal in his left hand on March 1. He has an indefinite timeline to return following surgery, derailing the best campaign of his pro career.

Despite the trades before the February trade deadline, it’s easy to see the front office is looking toward next season.

Jake Leroux, a TV producer for the Toronto Raptors, says as much as the Raptors are on this losing streak, the future is bright.

“We have a young stud in Scottie. He’s only in his third year and has won Rookie of the Year and became an all-star this season,” Leroux said.

“We have a couple of draft picks to look forward to in June and we can start building around our franchise player, which is Scottie Barnes,” he said.

In the Pascal Siakam trade, the Raptors received three players with two 2024 first-round picks for this year’s NBA draft.

OG Anunoby was traded in late last December to the New York Knicks. In return the Raptors received two players and a 2024 second-round pick.

But back to the current streak that’s developing. Leroux offered his best outlook for the Raptors winning their next game.

“Well, we face the Washington Wizards at home on Sunday, we’ve been pretty good against them all season, so I think that’s when the streak ends,” he said.

The Wizards are currently in the 14th spot in the Eastern Conference, while the Raptors are in 11th place.

Kayson Lyttle, a freelancing sports reporter, argues the Raptors are looking toward draft night in June but should still show some professionalism as a basketball team.

“I don’t think they are putting in the effort to win games,” Lyttle said.

“They have fans that they pay their hard-earned money to watch a competitive game. I do believe that the Raptors do still have a win in them, but time is ticking,” he said.

The Raptors face the Bucks tonight and then wind up the season with games against the Wizards, Indiana Pacers, Brooklyn Nets, and the Miami Heat. The Raps face an uphill battle not to break that losing streak record as management eyes their picks at the 77th draft at Brooklyn’s Barclay Center on June 22.