Student Spotlight: Erika Dodd contributes to Humber volleyball despite injury

Mar 28, 2024 | Student Spotlight

All-Canadian Erika Dodd is one of the leaders on the dominant Humber women’s volleyball team.

Despite the amazing highs of winning an Ontario College Athletic Association (OCAA) championship this season, Dodd also faced very significant lows.

During the playoffs, she hurt her ACL and needed surgery, which kept her out of the Canadian College Athletic Association (CCAA) playoffs.

But despite being held off the court, as a leader on the team, she still contributed off the court.

As a veteran player, Dodd was able to coach her teammates through the hardest times in the playoffs, which was a difficult transition to make.

“At the beginning, it was very difficult to sit on the side and watch my team play,” Dodd said.

She said the nationals were a tough time for the team, but she was able to support her teammates through it all because she’d been in that position before.

She had to get used to not playing but was able to support her teammates with advice.

“I kind of accepted the fact that I was out and tried to support my team the best I could from the sidelines, giving them anything that I could see or just kind of being someone they can lean on from being in those moments as well,” Dodd said.

Dodd said she will work over the summer with the team as they try to get back to nationals once again.