IGNITE holds an all-candidates meeting at student concourse

Feb 22, 2024 | Campus News, Headlines, News

Humber College’s IGNITE student union hosted an all-candidates meeting event at the North campus on Feb. 22, 2024.

The 11 a.m. event was organized to help students familiarize themselves with the candidates for the upcoming 2024-2025 IGNITE election year.

The candidates are running to be elected to IGNITE’s board of directors, which aids in the planning and budgeting of student experience on campus and sparks positive change for the student body.

Students eagerly lined up to receive a stamp card, which would be filled by visiting each candidate’s booth, to get a chance to spin the wheel for prizes at the end of the event.

The five candidates that were present had booths set up where students had the opportunity to ask questions and inquire about their campaign.

The closest to the entrance was candidate Jack Pickett, a Sports Management student at Humber who is eager to be a part of IGNITE’s platform and unite students as a whole.

Jack Pickett, a candidate for IGNITE Board of Directors.

Candidate Jack Pickett campaigned at his booth during the IGNITE Meet Your Candidates event. Photo credit: Ally Sheedy

Pickett aims to foster community and connectedness with students, especially for international students who are new to the environment and community.

If he is elected to sit on the board, Pickett said he wants to improve Humber’s atmosphere and aid students who don’t feel connected.

“I really want to incorporate school pride and more initiatives to create an exciting atmosphere on campus,” he said. “Especially with sporting events, I know first-hand that it is a great way for students to feel more connected.”

To the left of Pickett’s booth was candidate Gabrielle Sterling, a Biotechnology student at Humber, and the only female candidate for the upcoming election.

Sterling describes herself as a dedicated and passionate student committed to advocating for the rights and well-being of our campus community.

Jessica Carerra, IGNITE student advocate, and Gabrielle Sterling.

Jessica Carrera speaking with IGNITE candidate Gabrielle Sterling. Photo credit: Ally Sheedy

She claims to bring a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the challenges students face and has demonstrated consistent engagement in student-led initiatives and committees.

Sterling aims to establish a campus that celebrates diversity, upholds equity, and ensures every student thrives.

Across from Sterling’s booth was candidate Sayfuldin Abubakar, a student-athlete who is currently sitting as a Senior Peer Mentor at Humber’s First Year Experience, Student Success and Engagement.

Abubakar is also a Sustainability Ambassador and Events Coordinator for the Spirituality and Wellness Centre.

As a candidate, Abubakar recognizes that students are at the heart of the college’s functioning, which is why it is crucial to prioritize students’ interests.

Abubakar’s campaign slideshow, “Sayf’s Safe Point”, ensures student engagement with the union, and raises awareness for resources, and the development of the community at Humber.

“Generally, I’m always on campus running events,” he said. “You’ll find me around.”

To the right of Abubakar’s booth was candidate Yash Patel, a Humber student who is eager to see IGNITE have a board that corresponds with student interests and fosters innovation.

Patel aims to include student participation in the board while acquiring valuable leadership skills throughout the position.

Driving positive change that reflects students’ diverse perspectives is what Patel’s vision is striving to be.

The last booth was candidate Jashanpreet Singh, a student at the Longo Faculty of Business at Humber, who values honesty in authority.

Jashanpreet Singh, candidate for IGNITE's Board of Directors.

Jashanpreet Singh, IGNITE election candidate, speaking with students about his campaign. Photo credit: Ally Sheedy

“I was the head boy at my previous school and had also organized events, so I think I can fit this role,” Singh said.

Singh believes in integrity and transparency within a leadership position as it cultivates trust within the student body.

Singh hopes to allow students to participate in their union and foster a more supportive learning environment.