Humber North clinches victory at UTM men’s cricket extramural tournament

Feb 7, 2024 | Headlines, Sports

The Humber College North campus men’s cricket team showcased thrilling skills to win the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) Extramural Tournament on Feb. 2.

Humber North asserted dominance early, securing a victory over Seneca College by eight wickets.

They later extended their winning streak, defeating St. Lawrence College by 32 runs, making their presence known.

The tournament’s highlight unfolded as Humber North faced off against Humber Lakeshore, with North prevailing by nine wickets.

Ultimately, Humber North clinched the championship, demonstrating exceptional talent throughout the tournament.

Humber North captain Shreshth Nirmohi said he was ecstatic about their win.

“Cricket is my first love and my relationship with it is never ending,” Nirmohi said. “It’s been 20 years I have been in this sport, yet I keep learning about new dynamics and its evolving nature.”

Planning before the match

Captain Shreshth Nirmohi (middle) lead his team to victory in the UTM Men's Cricket Tournment on Feb. 2. Photo credit: Nihaal Damarala

Nirmohi acknowledged the dedication the team put into achieving success and not becoming complacent.

“It becomes easier to be successful if we master our skills. We have won three titles, one runner-up out of five, but we still keep working on getting better as a team,” he said.

Chinmay Thatte, the top scorer for Humber North, said he felt proud to have led his team to victory.

“As an opening batsman, my role is to take the game till the end, and I try to do that,” Thatte said.

“I focus on playing each ball as it comes till the end of the game,” he said.

Opening batsmen Chinmay Thatte of Humber North in the finals against Humber Lakeshore

Opening batsmen Chinmay Thatte lead the way in scoring for Humber North in the tournament. Photo credit: Nihaal Damarala

Additionally, bowler Diwakar Johnson, in his first tournament for Humber North, was ecstatic about his contribution to the team’s success.

“As a bowler, making a meaningful impact in my first tournament for Humber College validates the hard work and dedication I’ve put into refining my skills,” Johnson said.

“Representing Humber College North campus on the cricket field is an honour,” he said.

Coach Fahad Choudhry guided the team throughout the tournament and said he was proud of the results.

“This was [a] special win for us. We won back-to-back championships at UTM, so this was definitely special,” Choudhry said.

This isn’t it for Humber North this season, as he said there is still more for the team to achieve.

“[The] goal is to win the regional level so we can qualify for the OCR Cup Championship that will take place in Fanshawe, London,” Choudry said.

Humber North men’s cricket team is now preparing for the Ontario Collegiate Recreation (OCR) South Regional qualifiers at Sheridan College on Feb. 14.