Students take precautions commuting to school during winter

Jan 24, 2024 | Campus News, News

The first snowstorm of the season hit on Jan. 12 and Humber students are getting to classes carefully and safely this year.

Students are driving slowly and taking their time for this time of the year to get to school safely.

Toronto Traffic Services Sgt. Murray Campbell said students should be more careful when operating vehicles in inclement weather.

Campbell has given his tips on how students can get to school safely and be prepared for storms.

“Plan your trip, budget enough time to arrive on time without being rushed, and be aware of potential hazards on and at the sides of the roadways,” Campbell said.

Noah James Landry, director of Film and Television Production who drives to Humber every day, said he tries to get to school early and leave early before the roads get bad.

“I feel comfortable driving in the winter, I have plenty of experience and I know to be extra careful when it comes to big storms,” he said.

Landry has been driving for two years now and he said his dad taught him a lot during those that time when it comes to driving in the snow.

During this time of the year, many accidents occur when driving or for those who are walking to school, Campbell said.

“When the weather is cold, people tend to bundle up and be in a rush to get to where they are going. Drivers have to be aware of those who are walking or cycling when driving,” he said.

Katrina Falcone, a Social Justice program student at Humber College, takes the bus every day and said she tries to be careful when walking to school.

“When I take the bus I try to be careful and I also try to look before I cross the road, sometimes it’s hard because some drivers just don’t but I’m trying to be careful,” Falcone said.

Students are walking carefully and taking extra precautions when walking to school and bundling up more to keep them warm.

Campbell offered some tips on driving on black ice or during a snowstorm.

“It is best to avoid driving it if possible, if that is not an option ensure that you reduce speeds, as stopping distance will greatly increase,” he said.