Humber Public Safety warns of locker thefts

Oct 20, 2023 | Campus News, Headlines, News

The Department of Public Safety issued a warning Oct. 16 after Humber’s North campus experienced a surge in locker break-ins.

Multiple students having reported that someone stole valuable belongings from their lockers, Public Safety said.

“Someone saw, someone knows,” the alert says.

Security alert on lockers

Security alert on lockers Photo credit: Ishmeet Singh

In response, the department urged everyone to be vigilant as they informed the public of the “do’s and don’ts” to preventing locker theft.

“Contact Security at 416-675-8500 immediately if your locker has been broken into or if you witness a locker being forced open,” the alerts taped onto locker doors said. “Never hesitate to report any suspicious activity,

“Don’t give out your locker combination to anyone. Invest in a high-quality lock for your locker. Keep valuables at home unless you need them,” the warning read.

Public Safety said it’s important to report any instance of forceful entry into a student’s locker to campus security immediately as it is a criminal act. The posters urged students to report any suspicious activities to Toronto Police, Crime Stoppers, or them.

While Public Safety stated that “with your help, we will do what we can to stop these thefts from continuing to occur,” and that Humber College “is not responsible for lost or stolen items from your locker.”