Blue Jays face red-hot Rays as fans fret over playoff hopes

Sep 22, 2023 | Sports

The Toronto Blue Jays find themselves in a close battle to keep their playoff hopes alive as the season winds down and fans are worried about where the team might end up come October.

The second wildcard position may be the only thing keeping Jays fans hopes alive but unfortunately, the Seattle Mariners and the Texas Rangers are making it difficult.

Long-time Blue Jays fan Mike Perricone said the team needs to create its own luck rather than hoping it finds them.

“You can’t wait for others to fail to find success,” Perricone said.

As it stands, the Jays are only half a game ahead of the Mariners and Rangers for the second wildcard spot as of Sept. 22.

Every game matters for these teams to solidify their playoff spot. One error can prove to be costly.

Blue Jays fan Carter Vahrmeyer said the Jays haven’t been playing their best game in and game out, which is frustrating to see as a fan.

“It’s hard to watch them at times. They’ve been inconsistent the entire season,” Vahrmeyer said.

Despite that, he said he believes the Jays could turn it around and get on a run.

“I believe this team can go on a six-game winning streak to separate themselves from the rest of the pack,” he said.

Indeed, the Jays won five of their last six games.

According to Fangraphs, the Toronto Blue Jays have a 76 per cent of chance of making the playoffs as of Sept. 22.

Fangraphs states the Blue Jays have the toughest remaining schedule — a series with Tampa Bay Rays — between them, Seattle, Texas, and Houston.

Laura Allen, a Blue Jays fan who came from Alberta to see them play said she is frustrated with their recent performance in an important game

“I came all the way from Alberta to see the Blue Jays lose 10-0 to Texas, unbelievable,” Allen said.

Jays’ manager John Schneider said in a Sept. 14 media conference that his players’ confidence levels are still high after recent performances.

“I don’t think confidence is a thing to worry about and you just go to move on to the next day,” Schneider said.

Frank Smith, a season ticket holder for 10 years, said recent performances have been poor, and the fans deserve better.

“Just watching them seems like a punishment,” he said. “I’m proud of the fans for booing this team because they are playing so bad.”

Fans however remain hopeful the Jays make the playoffs.

“I will be supporting this team all the way,” Perricone said. “Even in the darkest of times, I’ll be cheering them on.”