Bird enthusiasts enjoy fun walks, exploration with Toronto feminist club

Jun 23, 2023 | Culture, Life

The Toronto Feminist Bird Club hosted Thursday a birdwatching walk at the Evergreen Brick Works, uniting bird enthusiasts and gender equality advocates.

Our group of 20 to 25 bird enthusiasts, including families, joyfully trotted around the Brickworks, along Bayview Avenue in the Don Valley, known to attract more than 150 species of birds.

The Toronto Feminist Bird Club is committed to promoting inclusivity in birding and connecting the LGBTQIA+ community, BIPOC, and women with the natural world. It provides a safe environment for bird enthusiasts from all backgrounds to come together and raise funds.

The organization’s Jessica Brousseau led the bird-watching expedition.

The twitchers gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for the region’s avian inhabitants by learning about the birds’ appearances, behaviours, and calls.

“What I love about birding is how many different ways there are to engage in the experience. Whether it’s simply taking a stroll and listening to the melodic bird calls or taking a break outdoors,” Brousseau said.

A wide variety of bird species were encountered during the walk.

Equipped with bird guides, a passionate avian enthusiast arrived fully prepared for the walk

Equipped with bird guides, an avian enthusiast arrived fully prepared for the walk at the Evergreen Brick Works. Photo credit: Heta Khakhar

Among the notable sightings were the vibrant Yellow Warbler with its vibrant plumage and cheerful melodies, and the Red-winged Blackbird with its striking red shoulder patches and melodious songs.

Stunning aerial acrobatics were displayed by elegant Tree Swallows as they glided gracefully through the air as well as a majestic Turkey Vulture circled effortlessly over the field, impressing viewers with its soaring flight and keen sense of smell.

The Baltimore Oriole’s vibrant orange feathers and the Grackles’ sleek, iridescent black feathers added colour and mystery to the area.

Katie Wilson, an attendee of the walk, expressed her enthusiasm for birdwatching while acknowledging her lack of prior experience in venturing out on her own.

“I’ve always loved bird watching, but I never had the knowledge or necessary equipment to do it by myself,” Wilson said. “This guided walk was a wonderful opportunity as it provided me with everything I needed, including fellow birders, binoculars, and an experienced guide to lead us through the walk.”

Two dedicated birders embrace the thrill of the hunt capturing fleeting moments as birds fly around the serene pond

Two dedicated birders embrace the thrill of the hunt capturing fleeting moments as birds fly around a pond. Photo credit: Heta Khakhar

Twitchers proceeded on an about two-kilometre walk where the club offered binoculars for attendees to borrow, ensuring everyone had the opportunity to participate in birdwatching, regardless of whether they had their equipment.

During the walk, the birders enthusiastically engaged in lively conversation, exchanging anecdotes and jokes about their bird-watching experiences.

“It’s like we’re on a stakeout, observing these birds’ homes,” one quipped.