Newmarket residents have a spring in their steps during inaugural Night Market

May 27, 2023 | News

Newmarket was bustling with artists, musicians, families, and friends at the first Night Market on the evening of May 26, 2023.

Newmarket’s Riverwalk Commons was filled with hundreds of people strolling through the Night Market and enjoying the warm weather.

The evening event was partnered with the Newmarket Group of Artists (NGA) and the town. It brought together locals as well as curious passersby for an evening of connecting with art and music.

Robin Burnett, one of the event organizers, said this is the first year they are holding the spring market. It was a concept that was thought of during the pandemic but was not possible to put together until now.

The Night Market featured 20 artists and their handmade pieces of pottery, paintings, custom clothing, jewelry, and photography.

Three live bands, Ainsworth and DeGrandis, The Focklers, and Sidewalk Crusaders, played fun tunes throughout the evening, drawing a dancing crowd to the middle of the park.

band performing music live

The band, Ainsworth and DeGrandis, were the opener for the Night Market, followed by The Focklers, and Sidewalk Crusaders on May 26, 2023. Photo credit: Sajel Mistry

Allison MacPhail, an NGA board member, said she was grateful for the positive impact the event has had on the neighbourhood already.

“The Newmarket town in general has put so much emphasis on art, and us, as an organization, really feel seen and part of the community,” she said.

MacPhail said the event was a great opportunity for Newmarket artists.

“The fact that the Newmarket community is gearing up to be more involved in the arts is huge. We have a fantastic art community, and this is just the beginning of it being accessible for everyone and it’s really exciting,” she said.

The Night Market had food stands, drinks, and an ice cream vendor, Square Spoon. The event was located in the center of a lively area with restaurants, kids’ recreational play spaces, and a community centre.

artist selling pottery

Allison MacPhail smiling at her booth selling handmade pottery at the Night Market on May 26, 2023. Photo credit: Sajel Mistry

Carol Teal sold decorative pottery and ceramics from her booth.

She said the Night Market worked out better than she had hoped.

“It’s lovely to be downtown in our community and have people coming by and enjoying the night,” Teal said. “It’s all pretty congenial. I hope we do it again.”