New climate change exhibit is set to tour Mississauga later this year

May 12, 2023 | Arts

Mississauga has launched a new exhibit focused on climate change at St. Lawrence Park in the Port Credit neighbourhood.

The travelling display aims to educate visitors about the impact of climate change on the environment and to promote sustainable practices.

The installation touches on the history of Mississauga and its start as a collection of small agricultural villages known as Toronto Township. It also discusses why the city was named Mississauga and how it potentially has Ojibwe roots, meaning “river of the many mouths.”

“We will continue to travel this exhibition throughout the City of Mississauga so that we can engage our residents on climate change and inspire them to take climate action in their own communities, neighbourhoods and homes,” Mississauga’s exhibitions and outreach coordinator Megan Wiles said.

“We are Resilient” was produced in collaboration with the Museums of Mississauga, as part of the city’s Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP).

Sobhi Elsafady discovered the displays while enjoying a walk in the park.

“I was just passing by and I noticed this,” Elsafady said. “I really believe climate change is a serious topic and it’s really nice to see Mississauga putting out a personalized exhibit on it. I think it’ll make us realize that our personal lives have an impact too.”

The exhibit also features interactive displays with QR codes to redirect visitors to different experiences. One QR code leads to a Spotify playlist created by the city, including songs from artists that advocate for climate awareness. Other QR codes lead to Mississauga’s Climate Change Action Plan, a list of local businesses to support, and the history of Credit First Nations in the city.

Photographs, stories, and poems by Mississauga residents were also on display on one of the many panels on display.

One panel contains a short poem by Matt Hunter, a Mississauga resident. “Look to the Sky” talks about birds in the city.

“It is impossible to live here long without growing accustomed to the seasons of the birds who either migrate through or adjust their lives in accord with the broad spectrum that is our climate, ” Hunter wrote. “When the patterns changed; when strange illnesses and injuries appeared; when one snowy day it was clear that a perennial feathered visitor would never return- that is when I knew something has changed.”

The launch of the new exhibit in St. Lawrence Park comes just a month after the United Nations released its 2023 report on climate change. The report emphasized the urgent need for immediate action to reduce carbon emissions and prevent a climate catastrophe. The exhibit serves as a reminder of the impact of climate change and encourages visitors to take action in their daily lives to reduce their carbon footprint.

The exhibit is set to appear in various locations across the City of Mississauga and the Region of Peel. It will be at St. Lawrence Park until Aug 7.