Piktochart: Toronto updates its progress on net zero emissions goals

Apr 25, 2023 | Canadian News, News

Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie and Toronto City Councillor Dianne Saxe announced on Wednesday that the city has either started, or completed 100 per cent of short-term actions supporting their ambitious TransformTO Net Zero Strategy.

The TransformTO Annual Update was accompanied by the Carbon Accountability Report. Both come as Toronto recognizes Earth Month, and will be considered by the City’s Infrastructure and Environment Committee later this month.

The city said its community-wide goal to reach net zero before 2040 is one of the most ambitious emissions reduction targets in North America.

According to the release, a city-wide plan has been put in place to reach future goals and targets, including a 65 per cent emissions reduction by 2030.

McKelvie said Toronto residents, businesses, building owners and other orders of government will work together to reduce emissions and reach the City’s targets.