Piktochart: New UN report says fast fashion dangerous for climate

Apr 18, 2023 | International News, News

The UN released a new report last month on climate change that warned fashion choices could have permanent environmental consequences.

Fashion generated more carbon emissions than all foreign travel and maritime transportation as the earth is reaching disastrous heat levels, according to the report.

The UN said big corporations bear a lot of responsibilities, and urgent international policy and regulation changes are needed.

The report, however, also said everyday human lifestyles have caused significant carbon footprints, especially patterns of overconsumption.

The UN released another report last November on over-consumption habits. The report said our overconsumption of fast fashion has caused significant harm to the environment.

According to the report, people are purchasing 60 per cent more clothing than ever, and wearing them for half the usual amount of time.

The UN said people should understand the issues regarding purchasing fast fashion and slow down their need to over-consume.

Reducing our overconsumption of fast fashion alone will make a significant change for the better, the UN said.