Humber students share knowledge with new students on how to succeed

Apr 15, 2023 | JRNL219 - 2023

Humber College students and faculty are offering advice to help future first years avoid common mistakes and adjust to their new environment.

Guelph Humber Media and Communications student Saniah Han has gone through her first semester and encourages new students to engage with other first years.

“Just knowing that everyone is also in the same boat you’re in is very comforting,”Han said.

Being in a new environment with strangers can be an overwhelming experience but Han says students should realize other students are in the same situation.

If new students can see their new environment as an opportunity to make new connections and relationships, their time in college will be better.

“It’s very comforting to know everyone around you is just as nervous so it’s okay to go up to them and talk to them because they also want to make new friends,” Han said.

Being a part of college classrooms can also be stressful and intimidating for new students but the pressure can be overcome. Humber College student Leslie Reece encourages first year students to ask questions when they need to in class.

“Hundred percent always ask questions and don’t be afraid regardless of what you think of yourself and others,” she said.

“Always ask questions if you’re unclear and never be that hard on yourself.”

Being a college student can be stressful and challenging. It’s important that new students protect their mental health and take time for themselves, Reece said.

“Sometimes you’ll be going through tough times but eventually it gets better.”

Reece also said it’s important for students to balance school and time for themselves.

“The more you stress obviously the less better it’s going to get but time just take time for yourself and work on yourself.”

The workload of a college student is a new challenge first year students will face when they start in September.

Business Management student Shrisdi Daba encourages students to be prepared at the start of the semester

“Students need to focus from the start. If they try to cram everything during tests and exams they won’t get good grades,” Dana said.

There are many challenges in college but there are also ways to find comfort in the new environment.

Joining clubs can be a helpful way for new students to meet like minded students and be a part of something they care about.

Humber College also has First Year Experience for new students to meet other students and participate in activities.

Black students can get the chance to be in the Black Student Support and Engagement when they start attending the college.