Humber students share advice for new students

Apr 15, 2023 | JRNL219 - 2023

With the winter semester coming to an end, Humber staff along with students shared their advice for the upcoming group of first years.

Leah Suter, a Media and Communications student at the University of Guelph-Humber, emphasized the importance of staying focused on your program.

“Just focus on school because it’s going to be harder than you think,” she said.

While you should enjoy your time socializing you should try your best not to get side tracked, she said.

“Try and branch and talk to as many people as you can,” said Eric Buchyns, a Culinary Management student.

“If you like something, check if Humber has it,” he said.

Tanveer Syngh, a hospitality and event management student, offered his insights after finishing two semesters at Humber.

He said he recommends not leaving final assignments to the last moment because teachers may not be able to give extensions.

Also, in comparison to colleges in India where he used to live, Syngh said Humber was more welcoming and helpful because of all the student programs that the institution offers.

He also said to try your best on quizzes as they end up totaling to a large amount of the overall final grade.

Rob Lamberti, a journalism professor and former Humber student, said students should prioritize reading more.

He said because of how much digital media there is, students have stopped expanding the literature that they read which comes with drawbacks such as a weaker vocabulary.

“There isn’t as much curiosity probably because we read more,” Lamberti said when referring to his days as a Humber student.

Kevin Tang, a Humber staff member, shared his point of view as a senior administration for the Esports program.

“I know Humber College is campus culture isn’t as strong as some other schools but still doesn’t change the fact,” he said.

Alyson Fortowsky, a professor of English in journalism, advised students to become more social during their school years.

“For connections and relationships as much as you can, I think one of the benefits of going to college is forming a network,” she said.