Humber new students: Advice to ease challenges of the post-secondary experience

Apr 15, 2023 | JRNL219 - 2023

Some students and staff are sharing some of their Humber College experiences and giving some advice for new students to come.

Entering college can be overwhelming yet exciting experience for many as they enrol themselves in a new environment.

Person in a blue shirt leaning against small wooden island table.

Markian Klufas, Film and Television Production student Photo credit: Leshae Barrett

“Try to use all of the, not extracurricular, but the things that Humber provide out of class,” Film and Television Production student Markian Klufas said.

New students should take advantage of all that the college has to offer since many of the resources are free to use for students, he said.

Klufas said he did not get much of a chance to involve himself in activities because his first year was spent during the COVID-19 lockdown. That’s why he emphasized using the resources in and around Humber College as well as those online.

“By involving yourself, you will feel more involved,” he said.

Juliet Morris, a Culinary Management student, said that school is fun but it can also be a lot of work. Still, she said she has been loving her time at Humber.

“It’s good to get an orientation,” Morris said as advice for new students. “When you want information, as soon as you email the student body, you’ll get some quick responses.”

Electrical Engineering student, Brandon Bedward expressed his enjoyment of his time during his studies.

“My experience as a Humber student has actually been pretty fun,” he said. “I’ve met new people,” he said.

And, he said, some of the professors are actually cool.

“Fun to talk to, they’re nice. They are very helpful. There’s a lot of resources and tools that this campus has to help the students actually be successful in their program.

Bedward’s advice for new students coming to Humber is to make a personal schedule because that is important to stay on top of everything. It will help a student know what they must do and what time to complete it by.

“There is a reason why professors give you two weeks to do an assignment. You can’t just wait until the last day,” Bedward said.

Professor Robyn Foley is a Journalism program graduate of Humber College and shared her remembrance of her time in school.

When she was a student Foley said she aimed to take advantage of all that she could from school.

Foley said she worked hard and grasped onto any opportunity that came in her direction because for her, they were learning experiences.

Her advice for new students is to reach out to professors for clarification to benefit their growth.

“Take advantage of everything that’s being offered to you,” she said.

“It will pay off.”