Advice offered for first-years entering Humber

Apr 15, 2023 | JRNL219 - 2023

As the winter semester ends, Humber is preparing to welcome new students for the 2023 fall semester.

Many students coming to Humber come from all different walks of life and different places, some internationally, and some domestically.

First-Year student Noah Landry entered Humber straight from high school into the Media Foundation program, a one year course that introduces students to areas of study that are related to each other like video production and imaging.

“It really doesn’t feel much different from how my life was from high school – It’s not like I’m doing math and stuff that I don’t want to do,” Landry said.

“I am doing a lot of fun stuff.”

He continued by talking about some of the classes he was taking saying, “I just wrapped up filming a short film that I wrote and it was great.”

And when giving advice for those joining Media Foundation, he said school can get busy.

“Don’t underestimate it. It can get a little tough and it’s more complicated than you might think.”

Sara Di Paolo who is also a first-year in Media Foundation also shared her advice for those entering the program.

“Have a good schedule of doing work. Have a little calendar to mark which assignments are due and on what day,” she said.

“Have fun, too, because you will meet a lot of new people.”

First-year Humber student Selena Persaud who is taking Child and Youth Care talked about making connections.

“Build your network, meet people, all the people here are friendly and nice, you maybe working with them in the future so just build your network.”

Steven Taschian who works in the fees department in the Office of the Registrar offered his perspective for first years.

“Make sure you’re on top of the academic calendar, and then also when registration is,” he said.

“You want to make sure you’re following what type of registration your program has,” Taschian said.

When asked about advice in a students standpoint, he said “I think the biggest thing that I could recommend, is just learning how you learn because a lot of students have different ways of learning.”

Everyone is different, he said.

“This person can sit down and do it in six hours or some other people need breaks in between – those types of things. Once you learn how you like to learn and how you like to study and do your work, the rest of college will be a lot easier.”