Winter makes a comeback in GTA with another blast of snow and heavy rain

Mar 29, 2023 | Headlines

By Trishelle Dotson and Alex Muzychko

Environment Canada issued a winter weather travel advisory for Wednesday evening. Calls for heavy wet snow, reduced visibility, and slippery conditions are in the forecast.

“Already, the temperature is starting to fall slowly on the cold front that’s expected to sweep through this afternoon. It is on the doorstep right now,” said Geoff Coulson, a Meteorologist for Environment Canada.

“The real concern with this particular weather system is the speed it’s moving at and how quickly our temperatures are expected to fall. We reached a high earlier this morning of eight degrees,” Coulson told Humber News.

The GTA has seen periods of warm and sunny days and then colder temperatures with precipitation.

The change has some student feeling another blast of winter blues.

“I mean, I like snow. I’ve always liked snow. But if it’s freezing rain, I don’t want to see it,” said Selia Sipione, second year Psychology Guelph-Humber student.

“I’ve been really enjoying the spring weather recently. So, it’s a little bit unpleasant to have freezing rain back again,” said Ana Downes, second year Psychology Guelph-Humber student.

“But it’s nice to see snow happening because it’s kind of typical for March and April,” said Downes.

“I didn’t even know about it” said Sophia Ginjo, also a second year Psychology Guelph-Humber student.

“And even though we’re getting that, it’s terrible. I hate snow. I hate driving. It makes me depressed,” said Ginjo.

Coulson says to expect gusty winds of up to 60 km/hr from the southwest and start to pull from the northwest.

“We’ll start off as rain shower activity with this cold front and should change over to snow flurries by late this afternoon. The snowfall is only expected to last until about five o’clock or so this afternoon,” said Coulson.

Seasonal depression is also a concern for students, with winter-like weather still appearing.

“It always snows at least once in April. So, I’m expecting a bit more. But I am excited for spring because I want the seasonal affective disorder to be gone. You know?” said Selia Sipione, another second year Psychology Guelph-Humber student.

“When it’s cloudy, I’m like, I’m depressed. You know. I don’t feel like doing anything. I want to stay inside. And I don’t like that. Especially in school. I can’t do that,’ said Ginjo.

Even though the weather has been a roller-coaster, some were trying to stay positive and hold out for the feeling of spring.

“I’ve been kind of upset about seeing the record high temperatures this year because of global warming. That’s upsetting for me,” said Downes.

“So, it’s nice to see, you know, typical snow in March. But also, I do agree that it’s nice to have springtime and I do feel more motivated and kind of happy when it’s nice weather,” said Downes.

Coulson said to prepare for more mixed weather into the weekend.

“Early Friday morning till late Saturday, we may see a bit of a mix of rain showers and snow flurries.”