Free spa services for International Women’s Day at Humber College

Mar 10, 2023 | Campus News, News

Humber College is celebrating International Women’s Day by acknowledging the importance of self-care and offering free spa services on campus.

“Taking the moment for yourself to go to the spa, get your nails done, get your hair done, or have a moment to sit down and write a letter to yourself is a great opportunity for you to take a moment, relax and reflect on yourself,” said Linda Persaud, a Humber student and life facilitator.

Humber’s campus had a lineup that stretched from the main hall to the washroom around the corner, all awaiting their free treatment.

The services being provided ranged from hand massages and manicures to skin consultations. The spa program was ecstatic to join in this celebration as it also served as a hands-on experience.

“As staff at Humber College, we always like to build a relationship with our campus partners. So the spa students are offering the service but they’re also using this as a part of their graduation,” Persaud said.

While the turnout was a welcomed sight, Persaud was sad to not see any male-identifying students in line for their manicures.

She said one don’t need to identify as a woman to join in this celebration.

“It’s open to anyone,” Persaud said. “The event is highlighting women and letting folks know about the women we have in our lives and having them appreciate the women we have in our lives.”

The booking list for sessions filled up nearly instantaneously leading the spa students to close shop sooner than originally planned.

Humber business administration student Paulina Vargas wasn’t expecting to get her nails done when coming to school Wednesday.

“It was awesome, I didn’t know Humber was doing anything for Women’s Day,” she said. “The girl who did my nails was really nice and I just love the way she did my nails.”

Vargas agrees with the idea of this being more than a one-time thing.

Humber News found Vargas after her appointment listening in at the self-defense booth.

Students were informed about the services Humber provides at this booth, one of them being walking buddies.

“As someone who has a few later classes, yeah, it’s something I’d consider. Having company for my walks to the bus stop would be a godsend,” Vargas said.

Humber fire services student Andrew Machado wore a peach emoji pin on his backpack. He had this made for him at the pin station nearby.

While he did not book a nail appointment, he enjoyed taking part in this celebration.

“It’s important to be reminded of what the women in our lives do for us. Today I’m thinking about all that my mom has done for me and my sister,” Machado said.

Machado said Humber did well with how they chose to bring Women’s Day to their students.

“I’m hearing topics like self-care, mental health and safety being thrown around today and those are topics that can always be benefitted from being talked about more,” Machado said.

Humber staff is more than open to partnering with the spa program again next year as long as it coincides with the parameters of their students.