Environment Canada forecasts another hot summer ahead

Mar 23, 2023 | Life, News

Many Canadians long for the warmth of the summer months. Sandals, BBQs, and longer days enjoying the outdoors await us. However, winter seems to be playing peek-a-boo.

“People are hoping for a warm summer, but my God, they want a decent spring,” Environment Canada Senior Meteorologist David Phillips said.

“I mean, not winter-like but they wanted more summer-like. That’s really what spring is about, which kind of season is it going to emulate?”

According to Phillips, Spring seasons, April and May, have been slow to dust the remaining snow off its shoulders but there is hope. Phillips said if you look at both Canadian and American atmospheric models, it looks like summer is going to be warmer than usual.

“Summers are lasting longer. It’ll also be more idly hot, so I think we’ll have to get used to the fact that there will have more heat warnings and more need for cooling centers. People won’t be able to bear,” Phillips said.

Many Canadians are ready to switch out winter jackets for T-shirts, and long for the days they can enjoy the heat.

“I love to play soccer and go to the beach. Me and my family love hiking in the summertime so we’re counting down the days” local Brampton photographer, Junior Reid said.

“The winter has been so long and dreary. I find it affects my mood. Summers are the best, so I make the most of them and try to be outdoors as much as possible,” Reid said.

Phillips doesn’t think summer 2023 will be like the Farmer’s Almanac prediction for sizzling and relentless heat. However, he said that there will be some days when heat warnings are inevitable.

“You’re going to be spending as much on your air conditioning as you spend on your heat during the wintertime,” Phillips said.

Health Canada encourages people to stay up to date with heat warnings in their area and check their website for ways to keep safe. Tips such as staying hydrated, finding nearby cooling centres and water parks, and keeping indoors if the air quality is too high, will help.

“I personally love the heat, so that doesn’t bother me, but I can see why someone with asthma or respiratory issues could have a problem. That’s why drink loads of water, especially if I’m in the sun all day” Reid said.

While a beautiful summer is in our forecast, Ontarians are urged to stay informed about changing day-to-day conditions.

“92 per cent of Canadians consult a weather forecast every day of the year. I mean, it’s amazing how unified we are in the need to know the weather before we leave home. And so, and that’s really good,” Phillips said.