Hawks women’s basketball team hoping to extend blazing winning streak

Jan 30, 2023 | Headlines, Sports

The Humber Hawks women’s basketball team is gearing-up Wednesday for their possible thirteenth win this week when they face the Niagara Knights.

The Hawks trail blazed through their last game against the Redeemer Royals with an 76-53 win.

Playing guard for the Hawk’s, Kayah Clarke ended the game against Redeemer with four rebounds. Clarke also ended the game against Fanshawe with thirteen field goals made.

“It was a really great team win against Redeemer everyone contributed really well especially our bench players but I’m still fighting through knee injuries, so I’m proud of the way I preformed under those circumstances,” she told Humber News.

Every sport physically takes a toll on athletes but for Clarke, her torn ACL muscle injury didn’t stop her from continuing to play and win games alongside her team.

Ajay Sharma is the head coach for the Hawks and led the season of multiple wins. Coach Sharma feels the team still didn’t play to its standards, even though they had control of the game in the first quarter and won.

“We had to cancel practice on Wednesday because of the snowstorm and we didn’t practice Thursday, so I think that’s something to do with it,” he said.

Although standards weren’t up to par, coach Sharma praised the players for their statistics during the last two wins as he speaks about players Brittany English, Tejia Wareham, and Maezell Del Mundo.

“Brittany just coming off the bench is just like a spark plug, there’s nobody in the league that has a player off the bench like Brittany because she just changes the pace of the game,” he said. “We have two or three of them that can explode like Tejia and Mae.”

Brittany English who plays guard position had seventeen field goals made during the game against Redeemer. English said that “each game we learn something that helps us to improve.”

The teams possible thirteenth streak will be tested against Niagara, as they had a close game last semester. Clarke expresses her thoughts and predicts the results to come.

“I think the game will go really well because we had a lot of opportunities to be more concise on how we executed offense and defense, so I think this is going to be necessary for our next game against Niagara,” Clarke said.

“They are a talented bunch, and they preform very well,” she said.

Coach Sharma also expresses his thoughts about how the next game will play out.

“I think its gunna be a tough game, we beat them in the first semester, but it wasn’t a game that we sort of were able to dominate them, it was back and forth,” he said.

The Humber Hawks women’s basketball team will have their next game against the Niagara Knights on Feb 1. at 6 p.m. located at the Humber North gymnasium in Etobicoke.