Scarborough to get a new long-term care home

Jun 15, 2022 | GTA News, News

Toronto Mayor John Tory announced Tuesday the development of a new long term care (LTC) home in Scarborough.

The new LTC home will be built 4610 Finch Ave. E. in Scarborough and is set to open in 2026.

He was joined by Scarborough North Councillor Cynthia Lai and Deputy Mayor and Scarborough Centre Councillor Michael Thompson.

“Long-term care homes have provided a vital support system for Toronto’s aging population,” Tory said. “As we continue to see growth in our senior population, we need to ensure that as a city we are expanding and evolving the support and services we offer.”

The new home will accommodate more residents and provide the necessary care vulnerable residents in the city need, Tory said.

The new LTC home is expected to house around 350 residents and will meet new provincial design standards. It will help reduce wait times and address the needs of seniors who need access to long-term care.

Thompson, who is also the chair of the Economic and Community Development Committee, thanked the staff for their hard work in making the development possible.

“Ensuring the residents have the right to live and age in place is a priority in Toronto,” Thompson said.

Riaz Shaikh, project director for LTC capital redevelopment at the city, said they hope to include a “community hub” in the new development which would include an adult day program and a paramedic centre.

“It’s phased redevelopment, which means a lot of construction and a lot of design will take place in the next coming years,” Shaikh said. “That will be done in consultation with the community, the residents who are living in those spaces, as well as their families and stakeholders within the community.”

Work on the project will begin this year. Residents will be moved to the new location following a transition plan once the project is completed.

The city has committed $175 million through its capital budget towards the project.

The redevelopment is part of the city’s Long-Term Care Homes and Services Capital Renewal Plan to provide high-quality care to LTC residents now and in future.

Five other LTC homes, including Carefree Lodge, Castleview Wychwood Towers, Fudger House, Lakeshore Lodge and Seven Oaks are set to be redeveloped.

Shaikh said these five homes were built many decades ago and cannot accommodate more beds.

The city has also committed to upgrading 1,232 existing beds and adding 978 more beds to the LTC bed inventory.