Green Party promises support for small business if elected

May 31, 2022 | Features, Ontario Election 2022

Green Party leader Mike Schreiner announced today a support package for small businesses in Ontario that would cut regulations and ease restrictions.

He made the announcement in Parry Sound Muskoka, an area that the Greens have a chance of snatching form the PCs.

Schreiner said the Green Party is committed to “levelling the playing field for small businesses.”

He said he would review regulations so that they would be appropriate for small businesses rather than applying blanket rules designed for big box stores. He would change regulations that prevent small boutique alcohol and would “liberate local wine, beer, spirits.”

He also said he would create and enforce a commercial tenancy act that would protect small businesses from evictions.

Schreiner said he would improve the Staycation Tax Credit and the Digital Mainstreet program. The provincial Staycation Tax credit for 2022 allows Ontario residents to claim 20 per cent of hotel, campground, or cottage expenses on their 2022 tax returns. The Digital Mainstreet program assists small businesses to expand digital services.

Schreiner said the Ford government let down small business during the pandemic in favour of big box stores and industries.

“Never again should big box store competitors remain open while locally owned Ontario small businesses are shut down,” he said.

Schreiner was joined by Parry Sound Muskoka Green candidate Matt Richter. Polls are saying the five-time candidate could be the next Green party member at Queens Park.

A Mainstreet Research poll taken May 24 put the Green Party at 39 per cent support with the PCs behind at 30 per cent. The New Democrats were at 11 per cent and the Liberals aren’t running a candidate in the area. Liberal candidate Barry Stanley was removed by the party after it came out that he wrote a book stating homosexuality was caused by infants rebreathing.