Advice given to help 1st year students make postsecondary transition

Apr 22, 2022 | Features, JRNL219

As the end of school is near, many students have advice for students going into their first year.

Some students reflect on their experience and give advice to the first years to make their transition a bit easier.

“Starting out it was difficult to get to know the campus and blackboard and was scary getting to know new people and teachers. But as you go along it gets less scary every day, as you meet new friends and get used to the program,” said Ariana Todman who is an Advertising and Graphic Design major at Humber.

She said that it is important to make new friends and that whatever program you are in, it gets better with having friends by your side.

Makalya Verbruggen and Kyshia Osei know about becoming friends during their Journalism program. They work together on many written articles and are in their final year at Humber College.

“Building friendships in this industry is really important and having someone to go back and forth with ideas is wonderful,” Osei said about having Verbruggen as her partner doing projects.

Verbruggen had a few words about their first years at Humber College, especially someone who is starting in the Journalism program.

“It’s a new environment and that can be overwhelming. Having someone in the program and being at college is a start to building a career and having patience is worth the wait.”

Todman also said that getting help from professors and emailing them to clarify can lead to success.

Nathaniel Marksman who is in his fourth year at Humber College doing Journalism offered advice about asking for help.

“Don’t be afraid to as questions and that someone always has an answer. Don’t do everything yourself and that Journalist will always stick up for each other.”

Osei also said that this program is to be driven and not give up.

Verbruggen, Osei, and Marksman all agree about a quote that they got from Jim Coyle who is a professor.

“It is to be, it is to me.”

This quote was greatly impacted by the many Journalist students at Humber College.

Lara King who is the program coordinator for the Journalism program has experience and advice for these Journalism first-year students at Humber College.

“Showing up is half of it. Being here at school and interacting with students is important. Storytellers listening to people’s stories and being curious about the news and consuming lots of information are important,” King said.

“If it is listening to the news, podcasts, books, people’s experiences, etc. It is also important to work with different people who have different skill sets. Ask questions, be curious and learn new skills are important.”