BREAKING NEWS: Ontario college faculty vote 59% for a strike mandate

Dec 11, 2021 | Campus News, Headlines, News

Ontario college faculty voted 59 per cent in favour of a strike mandate amid stalled collective agreement negotiations, the academic wing of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union said late on Saturday.

The result was slightly lower than the 2017 strike vote that was taken before faculty went on strike for a record-breaking five weeks.

With a strike mandate in hand, the CAAT-A bargaining team will be ready for the possibility of labour action.

“Our members are sending a clear message that they want to see a negotiated settlement,” OPSEU President Warren Thomas said after the results were announced.

The College Employer Council (CEC) however stated in a Saturday tweet that the union’s demands would not be accepted even if 100 per cent of its members supported the strike mandate.

About 15,000 college faculty have been without a contract since Sept. 30.

The strike mandate does not necessarily mean there will be a strike. Other actions, such as work-to-rule or a staggered strike, could occur.

More to come.