Life under social distancing: Welcome to the summer break, COVID-19 style

May 2, 2020 | OP-ED

Harmony Multani

Humber Community and Et Cetra Readers, welcome to summer vacation!

Summer is often a time for students to reflect on goals and learn new things, and most importantly have some well deserved fun. Although this summer may not be quite like any other we’ve experienced before, Quarantine Tips with Harmony is here to help maintain the status quo.

Read weekly tips that will help fill this unique summer with fun and exercise, all while learning new things and remaining engaged with the world around you.

Let’s get this summer started on a good note!

Humber Lakeshore’s 7 in 7 Challenge

Humber Lakeshore is challenging the Humber Community to take on a new and engaging activity every day of the week.

The 7 in 7 Challenge offers readers options like filling out a gratitude journal, or online tours of museums — even exercise tips. The challenge is that you must perform the activity for every day of the week. The Humber community definitely has what it takes!

There’s also a bonus challenge where you can choose to take it easy. Humber Lakeshore says the list will be there when we emerge from these unprecedented times.

If you need some time to simply take care of your health or the people around you, know that you are still doing more than enough.


School’s out and we’re safe at home, but the day too day can sometimes get a little boring. Here are four DIY ideas that will help prevent nostalgia for the busy lifestyle of assignments, part time jobs and other things.

  1. Zoom paint night with friends
  2. DIY Gardening for apartments
  3. DIY Decor to give your space a fresh feel
  4. DIY Journal to support mental health

Ted Talks

One of my favourite things to do when I have some down time is watch TED Talks. These 10- to 15-minute presentations are filled with information and inspiration. With titles like The Wildly Complex Anatomy of a Sneaker and How We’re Using Drones to Deliver Blood and Save Lives, there is something for everyone to watch, feel inspired and learn something new.

TED’s home page currently has videos on how to maneuver through the COVID-19 pandemic in their topic entitled Viruses and Vaccines. Viewers will also find other daily trending videos on the home page. TED is an excellent platform to keep up with the world around you and how it is changing. Stay inspired Humber!

Now that school is done for many students and the lockdown is extended, it is easier than ever to not feel okay — which is totally okay.

If you need somebody to talk to reach out to Humber’s student mental health support hotlines at Good2Talk and Tao Connect.  

Check in on those you love as we could all use a little help in getting through this time. Thank you for your dedication to flattening the curve Humber, you are doing so well.