Life under social distancing: Nearing the finish line

Apr 13, 2020 | News, OP-ED

Harmony Multani, Senior Reporter

Exams are coming up and final assignments are almost due.

Humber students and faculty are almost at the finish line of this unprecedented semester. Whether this experience for you was positive or not, pat yourself on the back for taking on the challenge. You’re almost there.

This week’s tips will help students focus on studying for exams and finishing those final assignments, while still taking time to reconnect with your self and the world around you. Let’s get started!

Cafe LinX Tutorials

Many are using our time at home to tune into our inner bakers and chefs, but did you know you could also tune into your inner barista? While only some of us miss the cups from our favourite coffee shops with our names sometimes spelled wrong, most of us surely miss what’s inside of those cups.

Cafe LinX is doing what it does best, bringing students weekly tutorials on how to brew their tea or coffee beverages. Check out its Instagram every Friday in April for an easy-to-follow tutorial, and your own at-home barista experience.

Then find a workspace in your home to bang out those final assignments or study for exams. It’s almost as if we’re still on campus!

Breathing Break

Many studies show meditation and intentional breathing reduces anxiety and stress, but also helps us improve our focus. Though end-of-term work is already a heavy workload for some, doing it amid the current COVID-19 crisis can be an added cause of anxiety. Taking a five-minute break while doing your assignment to practice intentional breathing can have a positive impact on your health, and on your focus.

Let’s face it though, meditation is hard, and how do you even know if you’re doing it right? The 4 – 7 – 8 breathing technique is a simple trick that can help calm nerves and is also practiced by meditation experts around the world.

Frist, inhale for four seconds, then hold for seven seconds (or as long was you can), and finally exhale for eight seconds. Repeat as many times as needed.

Make your own mask

We are all cheering on our healthcare workers for the sacrifices they are making for our communities. Let us support them further by saving medical procedure masks on the shelves for them, and making home made masks for ourselves and our loved ones.

This simple DIY mask is easily washable. All you need is an old t-shirt, a needle and a thread. Make a few if you have enough materials and time, and share amongst your community and loved ones.

Step 1: Grab an old T-shirt and cut out two rectangles about five inches by six inches.

Step 2: Sew all four edges of the rectangles together, so you have one rectangle, with two layers.

Step 3: Cut out four strips of the T-shirt – one inch in height by 10 inches in length.

Step 4: Fold in the long edges of the strips and sew, so you have a smooth edge that won’t fray.

Step 5: Sew one strip each to both top corners on the five-inch sides of the rectangle, and one strip each to both bottom corners.

Step 6: Tie both top and bottom strips around your head.

End of term is usually a cause of anxiety, and taking on work amid the current COVID-19 crisis can induce more anxiety and stress.

 If you need someone to talk to, Humber’s Mental Health Support for students is always available. Go to Good2Talk, or TAO connect to talk to someone.

Humber, we are almost at the finish line! Until next week, good luck to everyone on their exams and final assignments.