#HumberatHome series keeps community linked, active

Apr 14, 2020 | News

Harmony Multani, News Reporter

Humber staff and students are still finding ways to remain connected and active despite the buildings being shut down because of COVID-19.

The college launched #HumberatHome, a blog of sorts that offers students and staff, more than anything, a way to connect with each other while isolated.

“The idea behind the #HumberatHome series was to provide resources and ideas and things that people could engage with in their own respective home, but was provided by staff or students and Humber Organizations,” said Emily Milic, Humber’s Public Relations and Communications Manager.

Juno Award Winner and Humber alumna Allison Au shares a motivational and inspiring thought through the #HumberAtHome series. (Screen grab)

#HumberAtHome urges people at home to use the time isolating to remain committed to their health and their growth.

“We’re providing things of value to each other, whether that’s mental and physical health value or whether that’s entertainment value and many other things,” Milic said in a phone interview.

“I’ve taken this time to keep busy and try out new hobbies,” said Adrian Cordero, a second-year Cosmetic Management student at the North Campus in an email interview.

“I encourage people to find a good routine and explore different hobbies, because you never know what you might like,” he said.

Second year Lakeshore Criminal Justice student Mia Castillo Pulla is also engaging with new and old hobbies at home.

“Being at home for a while, I’ve actually gotten back to a hobby I left behind in high school which was practicing my drawings,” she said in an email interview.

The Humber community is a multi-talented and thriving group, and the #HumberAtHome series ensures they’re are still able to share with others stuck in the same situation.

The Humber Boutique shares its weekly virtual Knitting Club with the #HumberAtHome Series. Screen Grab)

“I think as we realize this is not going to be only a few weeks of time, it became apparent that people were longing for that type of connection that we no longer have, so we were just kind of responding to that need,” Milic said.

Content from the #HumberAtHome series can be found on all of Humber’s social media platforms, and also in Humber’s internal news letter.

“We have received a mix of content, Zoom conversations, silly hat day, people have shared their plants, different kinds of things that keep everyone’s spirits up, as well as people sharing their at home work spaces,” Milic said.

“People are taking it and making it their own, which was the intention,” she said.

Physical distancing seems like it may be extended  and haul #HumberAtHome works to keep the Humber spirit alive.

“It’s connected closely to the slogan that Humber has, which is ‘We Are Humber,’ and I think you can take the people out of the buildings, but you don’t take the Humber out of the people, and that is still the case now,” Milic said.