Humber fashion show goes digital

Apr 18, 2020 | Arts, Life

Program Coordinator Jennifer Dawson showcases her runway look during the premiere on Instagram.  (Akanksha Lamba)
Jennifer Dawson, the program coordinator, showcases her runway look during the premiere on Instagram. (Akanksha Lamba)
Akanksha Lamba

Humber fashion arts and business students premiered its digital Humber Fashion Show on April 7.

The show is adapted to an online themed fashion week where students are giving fashion styling and beauty tips till April 14.

The premiere included messages from coordinators and professors from the fashion arts and business department.

“We chose ‘Powerhouse’ as our theme because fashion is all about power dressing and how you feel powerful portraying yourself as ambitious,” Jimilia Isidore, a Fashion Arts and Business student said in a phone interview.

The theme is especially aimed at women who want to look powerful in their work clothes and feel empowered, she said.

“We wanted to encourage power dressing and make feel people feel comfortable in their skin,” Isidore said.

The show had five Toronto-based designers and 30 models for the runway, she said.

The outfits originally planned for the runway would be showcased through online videos.

“In the Fashion Week, we will have visuals and videos showing power dressing and different styling tips,” Isidore said.

“It is easy adapting to the online trend now,” she said.

The students tried to recreate powerhouse outfits throughout the week and on the show, Isidore said.

“Fashion Week caters to both men and women showing videos on how to style their suits and outfits, to look powerful and confident,” she said.

The students selected the theme as they wished to empower their audience, Jennifer Dawson, Fashion Arts and Business coordinator said in an email interview.

“The Fashion Week is an opportunity for our students to engage with the fashion community while we practice social distancing and stay at home,” she said.

“It is remarkable what you can achieve when you have a group of passionate, talented, and creative individuals.”

Dawson talks about the upcoming fashion week in an Instagram post. (Akanksha Lamba)
Dawson talks about the upcoming fashion week in an Instagram post. (Akanksha Lamba)

Dawson said the students planning the event were very forward-thinking with their innovation of creating a digital Fashion Week online.

“This show is a sign of the future. It’s increasingly likely that fashion shows will be cancelled for the duration of the year,” she said. “Our industry needs to adapt and our students have showed their agility and perseverance throughout COVID-19.”

The Powerhouse 2020 team has been incredibly forward-thinking, Dawson said in a press release in Humber Today.

“COVID-19 has reminded me why we always need contingency plans and I think this will also be a good takeaway for students as they enter their careers,” Dawson said.

“We need to be able to adapt and work under pressure and the students have proved that the show must go on,” she said

Proceeds from the event will be donated to Youth Without Shelter, Isidore said.