Google launches new job search feature in Canada

Published On April 26, 2018 | By HN Staff | News, Sci/Tech

Google’s new job search tool. | Courtesy We Sure IT Solutions

The future of job hunting is here.

Ryann Kahler

Google launched its new job search feature in Canada on Tuesday.

The search tool was created to help job seekers navigate postings more efficiently during their job hunts.

The feature appears within Google’s existing search engine and is designed to locate webpages and other job postings that would otherwise not be visible after the main search.

When users search anything related to jobs, such as, “jobs near me”, “student jobs”, “summer jobs” or “government jobs” for example, the search engine will find related webpages and posts to present at the top of the page without ever needing to click on individual websites to navigate available jobs.

The postings available during a user’s search can be filtered to fit their needs based on commute distance, job title and commitment.

Users can also save their searches and set up email notifications to get alerts when new postings become available.

Google is also giving $1 million to Toronto’s MaRS Discovery District to help develop new innovations for employment platforms that are set to launch early next year.

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