Canadian art’s student receives $2.2 million in scholarships

Published On April 27, 2018 | By racheldos | Arts

Rachel Dosant

Rachel Burns has a big decision to make by May 1.

The grade 12 high school student with a talent for art has received a large number of scholarship offers,throughout Canada and the US,  totalling

$2.2 million.

“Its quite surreal,”said Burns, 17, who is graduating from the Etobicoke School of the Arts this spring.

Burns said she cried when she received her first offer of full tuition. She couldn’t believe schools are willing to offer so much


Courtesy Of Rachel Burns


“It was a moment of shock and awe. You then realize why they are such large offers because it cost so much to go to

these schools… it brings you back to reality,” said Burns.

Burns applied to 38 schools in total and 23 of them offered scholarship awards.

“My biggest offer came from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, its unreal,” she said.

Burns said she sees all of her scholarships as little trophies and  considers this journey a communal one.

“At my school we did this all together, the process of applying to all these schools, so we celebrate all these trophies

with each other.

“I don’t think the scholarships define us as a person but as an impact that we are making on each other and the

support that we have given each another  is very communal although it seems very individual getting these

scholarships, it is much larger than just one person and all the work behind it to make this happen,” Burns said.

So where will she go?  Burns hasn’t made a decision.

“I am just looking at what is realistic for me,”Burns said. Burns is hoping to get into graphic drawing and


Courtesy Of Rachel Burns


Burns’ love of art partly comes from getting in touch with how she sees the world.

She said art has helped her overcome a lot of history and understanding herself.

“In doing that I put honesty into my work, I try to connect with people and it all comes back to community and

sharing my story. I love to use art as a tool and as a visual language to connect with people,” said Burns.





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