Humber Strike: College fair will conduct business as usual

Oct 24, 2017 | Campus News

By: Omar Jaber

Faculty remains on strike at all 24 Ontario colleges with no talks of a resolution in sight. However, the Ontario College Information Fair (OCIF) must go on.

The fair is a one-stop shop for students looking to get all the information necessary to take the leap into their post-secondary education.

“There may be a picket line set up during the Ontario College Information Fair. The Enercare Centre is located on private property, the only area where picketing would be permitted would be on the sidewalk at the Princes’ Gate indicated in the red area in the picture below,” the OCIF said on their website’s FAQ page

The Ontario Public Service Employee Union (OPSEU) confirmed to Humber News that they do expect to send picketers to the Enercare Centre in anticipation of the fair.

The yellow circles indicate all the access points to the Enercare Centre.

Despite picketing expected, representatives from all 24 of Ontario’s public colleges are expected at the Enercare Centre.

“We anticipate a strong turnout from prospective students eager to learn about Ontario colleges and their options for postsecondary education,” said Humber College’s communications director Andrew Leopold. “If not for the strike, faculty would normally participate in staffing their respective college’s booth and provide information to visitors.”

The OCIF will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, with a detailed schedule posted on their website so students can attend information sessions that pertain to their needs.

The strike is not expected to hinder the turn out of the fair, but attendees are more than welcome to contact their school of choices representative if they have any questions.