Natural remedies helping relieve stress

by | Oct 17, 2016 | Life

Stress can be challenging but doctors natural remedies can help. (Flickr/Sander van der Wel)

Stress can be challenging but doctors natural remedies can help. (Flickr/Sander van der Wel)

By: Natalie Dixon

Coping with stress can be challenging for students, but some say it can be remedied in homeopathic ways.

Whether it’s taking a bath or indulging in a chocolate bar, Maria Severino, a first-year student at George Brown College, said that natural remedies work.

She said that de-stressing is critical for her because she knows how stress can be hard on the body. When Severino does not take the time to relax she has heart palpitations.

Severino said simply changing into comfy clothes, laying on her bed and listening to music helps her naturally de-stress after a long day.

“It’s always good just to take a little time every day for yourself to sit back and just not think of anything but your inner peace,” Severino said.

She said chamomile tea has also helped her to relax and calm down whenever she’s stressed.

Theresa Gagnon, owner and operator of Yoga Source in Newmarket, said closing your eyes and breathing can be effective methods of relaxing.

“It’s important to live in the moment,” Gagnon said.

Chayantie Deeno, a pharmacy technician student at Humber College, said balancing school, volunteering and work can be stressful. She said turning to natural remedies like yoga or even listening to music help her de-stress.

“Music motivates me and gives me the energy to continue doing my work,” she said.

Students who are having trouble with stress at school are able to get help on campus from the Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre. Counsellors provide support for students and help them work through any problems they may have.