Graduation what’s next: When school’s over, what might students face

May 5, 2016 | News

By: Greg Chow


With final essays finishing up and graduation ceremonies approaching, college and university students are now entering the adult world. For some, there is more pressure than others.

Students that used OSAP as a way to fund there way through school have six months to start paying their loan back according to the Ontario governments website. This leaves some students strapped for time to find a paying job- not just an internship or placement that might not be paid.

“It’s added stress because if I don’t find a job in my field within the 6 months, we have to settle for whatever job is hiring,” said Ashley Holmes, a graduate of the Business accounting program at Humber.

It’s more than money that put students in a jam after school is out. Sometimes there is added pressure to continue to be successful on a day-to-day basis, even if you don’t have a job or work to be doing.

“There’s added pressure from my parents to find my own place, and just be productive. It’s definitely challenging just to keep my daily routine. I’m used to being at school, now I have don’t have to be and that leads to distractions,” said Brian Brooke, a graduate of the Child and Youth program at Humber.

Being a post-grad is a challenge but also presents many opportunities for the student. Plenty of universities and colleges across Ontario offer lots of post-grad programs. Options like summer courses, online courses and even counseling are available throughout the summer for students who may be confused about taking their next step. All these stresses can also lead to unhealthy habits.

“We have students talk to our ambassadors all the time asking us for what they should do next. They might have a couple of degrees or diplomas already but it just comes down to being overwhelmed, which could lead to possible mental health issues. We offer plenty of guidance including the counseling connect blogs and workshops,” Tracey Logan, an ambassador of the Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association told Humber News.

Students should remember that services like counselors, financial aid and OSAP are all available throughout the summer.