Rodents population booming in Toronto

Mar 17, 2016 | News

Pests are taking over the streets of Toronto. (Google Images)

Pests are taking over the streets of Toronto. (Google Images)

Aluen Navarro Fenoy

Toronto’s critters are known to be tough on the streets, going through garbage at people’s houses, but this year it’s going to be more frequent than ever.

Bill Dowd, who works for Skedaddle Wildlife Control told CBC News, the reason why the population of raccoons, squirrels, skunks and mice are expanding is because of the warm winter that the city experienced.

“It gave these critters to spend more time eating and for mating,” said Dowd.

Tsege Rufael, a homeowner in Toronto, has noticed a difference in the amount of pests surrounding her home.

“I usually see raccoons in the nighttime, but now I’ve even seen them trying to get into the garbage bins during daylight,” said Rufael.

Rufael has seen a couple of the raccoons wandering the neighbourhood trying to look for food or anything they can get their hands on.

“I keep locks on my garbage and recycle bins to keep these animals away,” said Rufael, adding she doesn’t want the rodents to be attracted to her house or surroundings.

10 ways to keep pests away from your house, according to pestscontrol.about, are:

1.Eliminate plants and mulch, as pests are attracted to these for shelter
2.Use screens for your windows to keep away from pests entering through cracks.

3.Make sure that your house has no gaps or openings.

4.Clean garbage and recycle bins regularly.

5.Reduce lights as much as possible as insects attract to them.

6.Check for cracks under and behind kitchen cabinets, fridges, stoves, floor and walls, around pipes, dryer vents, etc.

7.Keep sinks and floor drains clean and debris free.

8.Recycling bins should always be clean and rodent proof.

9.Keep leftover food stored in a plastic container or resalable bag.

10.Keep your home clean to prevent rodent attraction.

Troy Beuw, an employee for GTA Wildlife Removal in Toronto, said they get phone calls for pest control around St. Patrick’s Day every single year.

“The earliest we’ve gotten a call to remove a raccoon was on February 7,” said Beuw.

Beuw has lost count of all the phone calls they’ve received this year.

“The way [GTA Wildlife Removal] keeps away pests, like raccoons, from entering peoples houses are by putting up a one day door, that way once the critter is out, it cant come back in.”