Ontario Unveils Incentives for Electric Vehicle Buyers

Feb 11, 2016 | News

Serge Halytsky

The Government of Ontario introduced a new modernized electric vehicle incentive program that’s designed to help people in the province to switch to electric vehicles.

Premier Kathleen Wynne announced the incentives on Wednesday in Toronto.

The first incentive program was initiated in 2010, and helped people purchase an estimated 4,800 electric vehicles.

If you buy an electric car in Ontario, depending on how much it costs, the government will give you a rebate of $5,000-$10,000. As well,  you’ll have an opportunity to receive an additional $3,000 for vehicles with larger battery capacities.

For expensive vehicles priced between $75,000 – $150,000, incentive prices will be capped at $3,000.

The plan also provides a rebate of $1,000 if you purchase and install a charger for the vehicle.

“By making it easier for people to switch to an electric vehicle, we are taking an important step in our fight against climate change while ensuring our province remains productive and efficient,” Wynne said in a statement.

(Wikimedia Commons)

(Wikimedia Commons)

In the 1890s before the rise of gasoline powered cars, electric vehicles outsold gasoline ones 10 to 1.

Today, with new cars on the market, the trend is going back to the future.

For example, sales of new BMW I3 electric vehicle are going well.

“Oh yes, it is very popular,” said Adam Wisbey, a sales and leasing consultant with BMW Toronto.

Other electric car models like the Nissan Leaf are also very successful.

“We’re sold out at the moment,” Wyatt Brooks of Nissan High Park dealership told Humber News.

“We have been selling Leaf since 2011 and it is good vehicle and it is very popular.”

As well, more Teslas are also appearing on the streets of Toronto. According to a company representative who spoke with Humber News, 4-wheel electric Tesla vehicles are popular in Ontario.

The new Tesla Model X is making its global debut  at the Toronto International Auto show happening downtown at the Toronto Convention Centre. A total of 27 models of electric cars are on display at the event.