How H&M HOME is changing the Toronto retail market

Feb 25, 2016 | Life

H&M Home launches in Toronto Eaton's Centre's re-launch flagship store. (H&M)

H&M Home launches in Toronto Eaton’s Centre’s flagship store. (H&M)

Rebecca Pilozo-Melara

Fashion experts say H&M’s new home store in Toronto is a leading example of how mainstream fashion retailers continue to draw their consumers in.

The Toronto Eaton Centre is the second to have the Swedish retailer’s home line in Canada. The re-launch of H&M’s flagship store now puts the mall in the top 10 of having the largest H&M stores in the world at nearly 56,000 square feet.

“Like our garments, the Home collection follows current fashion trends and provides our customers with the opportunity to update their home,” said Communications and Press Manager of H&M Canada, Emily Scarlett.

Toronto Stylist and fashion blogger of FASHIONIGHTS, Julio Reyes said that the high fashion industry’s evolution to release pieces more often can make it challenging for the “fast fashion,” market but adds that adding a lifestyle aspect to their market is a successful tactic.

“Things are changing for everyone in fashion and I think H&M has really become much more than a fashion brand but more of a lifestyle brand. That’s another way to market and keep their consumers while living through their esthetic.”

Program Coordinator of Humber’s Bachelor of Commerce-Fashion Management, Bruce Sinclair said although the concept of adding home décor to its line isn’t new, it’s a smart branding technique.

“Homes often reflect the way people dress, trends seem to be similar so it’s a natural migration” – Bruce Sinclair

Additionally, he mentions that H&M’s switch to becoming a lifestyle brand in Toronto shows that the city has proven to have the market for the addition.“Homes often reflect the way people dress, trends seem to be similar so it’s a natural migration,” said Sinclair.

Reyes had something similar to add and said, “Your home or your place of work is a real extension of you. You spend most of your time there and you want to feel comfortable so having those little pieces and incorporating those personal items makes a difference.”

H&M HOME products price range from $6.99 cushions to $129 king and queen sized duvets. So far H&M says it doesn’t have any plans to open any more HOME departments to other stores in Ontario this year.