Google shuts down Songza, opens free version of Google Play Music

by | Dec 3, 2015 | Biz/Tech, News

Sarah Wickett

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Google is closing its free music streaming app Songza.

According to Google, Songza will stop operating on Jan. 31.

The company launched Songza in Canada in 2012. The app offered playlists designed to fit the user’s mood.

Bernie Monette, a Humber College web development professor, said the announcement is not surprising for a company that is looking to step up its game in the competitive music streaming industry.

“If something doesn’t work, they will just shut it down and try something new,” he said.

“That’s just what Google does.”

Google also announced it will launch a free version of Google Play Music.

The new music streaming program will be similar to Spotify, with free and paid streaming options.

However, the free version does have a catch. If a user wants to download the free version, they will be forced to listen to scattered ads.

If they would like, they can sign up for a paid monthly subscription.

Chris Candy, co-founder of the mobile marketing agency SevenMedia, called the move to switch players a good one.

“It pulls everybody that was only using Songza over … essentially forcing them to start using their Google Play Music streaming service,” Candy told Humber News on Thursday.

Candy, whose business is based in Toronto, also highlighted the possible cons of Google shutting down Songza.

“For the user who is used to the whole interface, they may be a little bummed out,” Candy said. “But from Google’s standpoint, it makes strategic sense.”