Facebook tweaks ‘real name’ policy following backlash

Nov 10, 2015 | Life

By Amanda Tuzi and Jessica Tedesco

Facebook announced plans to change their controversial ‘real name’ policy in the face of retaliation from angry users worldwide.

Users began to protest the policy change which would prevent members from using aliases or fake names.

Protestors are calling the move discriminatory and ignorant.

Drag communities, transgender and First Nations users are among the most vocal activists fighting the policy change.

In response, Facebook loosened the policy by giving users the opportunity to provide additional information defending their preferred name when confirming their account, and users who try to flag accounts with alternate names will have to provide context to their complaint.

Facebook Vice President Alex Schultz said in a letter that changes made now and in the future are committed to “looking after the most vulnerable people using our product.”

Here is what some Twitter users had to say: